Project Objectives

To work with tourism officers, accommodation providers, food businesses and significant destinations within the Liverpool City Region to promote and support food based activity.

  1. Ensuring that links are put onto websites, marketing materials displayed for visitors to pickup, “buy in” and support for the Liverpool Scran project.

To create a celebratory awards system for sustainable food businesses within Liverpool City Region.

  1. Creating awards that promote sustainable food objectives such as using regional produce and supporting other local businesses.
  2. Expanding these awards across the Liverpool City Region.

To promote awareness of Liverpool City Region’s food markets to tourists and residents alike.

  1. Listings for all the markets within Liverpool City Region with dates, locations and examples of traders – to be available in downloadable form and as a leaflet.
To collate a series of food trails around Liverpool city region that will direct tourists and residents to explore food businesses, markets, farms and independent cafes, restaurants and bars.

  1. Minimum of 4 separate food trails mapped out, designed and produced for use.

To produce marketing information – printed postcards, leaflets, stickers, online information in printable pdf form.

  1. Production of food trail postcards for distribution around the city region.
  2. Creation of a food map (updateable) for websites / social media.
  3. Running a one-day pop up food market to celebrate local food producers, makers and sellers.